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Our Programs

The specific objectives of the 5 year program are formulated into four priority areas and unlock progress across the communities MF works with. They are led by our flagship program:

Promote climate change awareness

Increase understanding of climate change and empower communities to take action that will increase their resilience and livelihoods

Promote quality education

Increase access to quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities and improve their livelihoods

Promote access to water

Increase availability of water and improve its management and use for food security

Promote food security and livelihoods

Improve food security through increased food production and promotion of market oriented livelihood diversification

A cross cutting theme Read More

Promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women is our cross cutting theme.

Why Women and Youth

MF focuses on Youth, Women Education Empowerment (YWEE) using a demand-driven approach that is responsive to local conditions and needs. Agriculture is our flagship program and is a leading economic activity in Makueni. It is performing dismally in recent times as a result of recurring droughts. A new approach is needed to sustain growth and improve lives. MF understands that women and youth, two demographic groups whose full potential has not been fully exploited - can be key drivers of change.

  • Women play a central role in agriculture, they constitute a large proportion of the agricultural labour force and depend heavily on agriculture for their livelihoods. Despite long hours of toil by women in rural areas, they do not get much return on their work.
  • Youth on the other hand constitute more than 60% of the population in Makueni; unemployment is high and growing; they are idle and often result to alcohol and drug abuse.
  • The agricultural potential of Makueni is undeveloped as agricultural productivity is a fraction of the full potential.

Women, the youth and the underutilized potential of Makueni provides some of the supply side opportunities that can spur the growth of vibrant enterprises in Makueni. Some of these supply side opportunities that can help accelerate the transformation of agricultural activities in Makueni into viable businesses include -rapid urbanization, -a growing middle class in Kenya and -increased access to international markets for fresh, high quality, agricultural products.

Work carried out across the world has demonstrated the effects of working with women to increase household income. If agriculture can be seen to make money and be profitable, then it becomes more attractive to youth as a way to earn a living.