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Promote access to water

Increase availability of water and improve its management and use for food security

When it comes to Water Sanitation and Health the woman suffers the most as in the grassroots this is her responsibility, to provide water, food and generally the healthy livelihood of the family. MF has recognized that poor health and nutrition are brought about by lack of clean water and sanitation facilities. Makueni County is characterized by rain shortage making clean water and sanitation facilities scarce commodities. MF’s Water and Sanitation programs are tailored to provide clean water and sanitation facilities as well as to promote Behavior Change Communication towards utilization of water and sanitation facilities in order to promote good health. The organization works together with the grassroots community stakeholders in the management of water and sanitation services for the community. MF has been collaborating with the local government in the endeavor to improve clean water and sanitation standards in Makueni County. MF is willing to partner with any donor stakeholder towards this worthy cause.

 Increase availability of water and improve its management and use for food security. 

 As an arid and semi-arid (ASAL) region with insufficient rainfall, Makueni experiences severe water shortages for domestic, livestock and crop production. The average distance from a water point is at a high 8kms. Therefore: 
  • Support initiatives to sink boreholes to reduce the distance from water sources and allow women devote time to other economic activities; 
  • Support efficient use of rainfall water including rainwater harvesting initiatives and construction of storage infrastructure water storage (dams) and irrigation; promote combined use of surface water and groundwater; 
  • Build capacity of community to manage these water systems sustainability;