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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Since 2010, MF has been actively involved in the promotion of education for Orphans as well as Vulnerable Children (OVC). This is done through the Mama Silla initiative. MF Directors together with partners has developed a database of children from needy backgrounds. Through well-wishers the children resume their education. MF coordinates provision of uniforms, books and learning materials, shoes and food ration. MF makes regular follow-ups with the parents and schools to track progress of the children as well as cooperation of parents. To ensure sustainability and ownership of the project, MF provides seed money to the Grandmothers and single headed households in whose custody the orphans are. The seed money helps the recipients to invest in income generating activities, such as basket weaving and making of sisal ropes, for the grandmothers; while the younger single household heads, are engaged in Y-WEE activities. MF also assists to source markets for these items. In order to benefit from MF efforts, community members are required to register the children in the MF database.
Category MF Activity 1
Start Date 31st Dec 2009